About Partyography 

When we first decided to join forces we knew we wanted to do something big. What's bigger than teaching our first joint workshop in Paris, France?!  After seeing how amazing and successful our Paris Workshop was, we knew this was something we had to continue and to bring to more people.  

Together we have a combined 13+ years of experience and have encountered all the ups and downs the photography business can throw at someone.  Over the course of the past 5 years we have grown our businesses together.  We have pulled each other through the worst of times and have championed each other through the best of times.  Through it all we have learned what works, who we are as photographers and have both built successful businesses all while leaning on one another. 

We firmly believe that being a photographer is more than just a nice camera, but about reaching into your soul and creating authentic and real images all while creating friendships along the way.  Our mission is to bring together photographers who are eager to learn the ins-and-outs of running a successful business, finding and working with the types of clients they want, and most importantly discovering who they are as a person.  We want you to walk away with a beautiful portfolio filled with fresh and inspiring images and we believe in loving what you do and having a blast while doing it.   Our mission is for you to become a better photographer, a better person and to have built friends that will last a lifetime.   Let us help you find your inner bad-assery. 


About Kandis 

Kandis is a native of Utah but pieces of her heart have been left in every single place she has traveled.  Kandis grew up dancing and had the great blessing of being able to travel the world sharing her love for dance with the people of small villages all over Europe.  When Kandis was in high school she developed an eating disorder that followed her for nearly 15 years.  Because of the love of a friend she was finally 'outed' and forced to get treatment for her eating disorder.  It was when she was in treatment that her therapist asked her what she 'wanted' to do.  It was at that moment when she said "I want to be a photographer".   Her therapist said "then do it!"  So she did.  She cast aside the notions of "what if people don't like me" and dove right in.  Shortly after, Kandis found that what she loved most was photographing girls and women.  She strives to make everyone that gets in front of her camera feel loved, special, and beautiful.  Kandis' whimsical and romantic style is unmistakable and recognizable.  Striving to tell a story through her images is something she loves to teach to photographers.  Kandis has taught many workshops and photographer retreats where she teaches the joy of photography, the art of making clients feel beautiful, and where she brings women together to form friendships among the photography community. Kandis' mission is to help other photographers feel confident in their work and to become the best artist they can be.  She strives to foster friendships with her clients and with those who come to her workshops.  Come and get to know Kandis and make a new friend.

About Amy 

Amy is a Midwest native and 5 year transplant to Salt Lake City, UT. She wasn't that kid who grew up sporting a camera everywhere she went like most other photographers. However she was that girl who spent hours pouring over her mother's yearbooks and photo albums of her dad growing up on a small rural farm.  Photography touched her heart at an early age in a way that she was able to relive precious memories she otherwise wouldn't have been a part of.  Recently she spent an evening going through her Grandma Cloud's photos of when she and her grandfather dated before he headed of for war.  It was such a nostalgic feeling and she hopes to pass on images to her children that they'll love and admire just as much one day.  In college Amy took a photography course and photographed people while her classmates focused on landscapes and pets.  She has always found her heart happiest when searching for the beauty in the human form or couples in love.  Amy now photographs weddings and boudoir photography.  Her preferred genre is a more edgy and alternative look.  She is inspired by tattoos, wild colored hair, artists, hipsters, and just those who are non-conforming.  She adores people who want to be different or locations that may seem out of the normal for a photo shoot.  While at the same time, still capturing the romance of it all. She has been captivated with love stories since the early age of 8. Barbie and Ken were always getting married and she even wrote a short story about a princess marrying her prince when she was in 4th grade. There is nothing Amy wants nothing more than to photograph the real, honest moments and to make people feel something through her imagery each time they look back on special times in their lives.  Amy has taught a number of seminars to other photographers about finding their creative side based on what makes them tick.  Amy has a passion in helping other photographers through styling, finding their ideal client, and making clients friends vs customers. Come hang out with Amy and her wild hair and create a forever bond.